Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I breastfed my toddler, did you?

I always knew I would breastfeed my children.  Doing otherwise just wasn't an option.  I didn't think about how long, though.  With my first, Allie, I wanted to aim for 2 years because that was the WHO recommendation

When Allie weaned herself at 14 months I was certainly happy we made it that far, but also a little sad that we didn't make the 2 year mark.

When my son, Zachary came along, I aimed for two years again, not imagining I'd go any longer.  Two years came and went and he was still nursing a couple times a day.  We made it to 36 months and then some.  He will still ask every now and then and I let him.  That doesn't go over so well with the husband, but that's for another entry...

Here's a great article on nursing a toddler:

breastfeeding your toddler


  1. Totally reminds me of that new movie, where the kid walks up to his mom and says I'm thirsty and she breastfeeds him. Friends ask, so how old is he? Dad says, 48 months. Friends say, that's four, man.
    I always thought the back-and-forth of it was funny... but in all reality, if I could have pumped and given Tristan breast milk til he was 4, I would have.

  2. Grown Ups. I remember that from the commercials. Part of me laughs at that, another part of me is worried it gives extended breastfeeding a bad name. I haven't seen the movie yet. We'll see how it "feels" when I see the whole scene.