Friday, August 20, 2010


I miss nursing so much. My son weaned around 3 years old (and still asks at nearly 4, but there's nothing there). When I was nursing him after age two I was ready to be done. I had decided to let him wean himself and those last couple months were pretty long. I was just done. But now I'm not. Not that I want to get him to nurse again at age 4, but I miss our time together. I miss holding him (or more likely fly-by nursings).

Ironically, I have this double standard with myself. I loved that only *I* could give him that, however he wants only *me* to do everything else for him ("No! Mommy do it!"). But I want that time back.  It's one of the biggest factors in wanting another baby.  I can't imagine never having a baby to nurse again.

So, those of you nursing babies (or kids) savor the moments.  And those of you who are so done you're ready to quit, remember this is just a short time in your life, and such an important time in theirs.


  1. Hey Julianna! I just found your blog through facebook. I'm one of those people who likes hearing opinions! :)

    I'd be interested in a post about what you think of moms for whom breastfeeding just does not work out. Like moms who always struggle with their milk supply, despite their educated efforts, or babies who just refuse to latch... Or moms who go back to work... You get the idea! :)

  2. Hi Erica! I'd love to write something on that. :) But really quickly, I think moms who TRIED and for whatever reason had to quit, did the best for their babies. Everyone can partially breastfeed. Even just having baby at the breast, then following up with formula, is a great thing.

  3. Yeah, I completely agree. It's such a tender time for both mom and baby.