Friday, July 29, 2016

I don't want Hillary, so I'm voting for... Trump??

Let's take a look at the people voting for Trump just because they don't want Hillary. Really? REALLY??

Elections over the years have always been either Democratic or Republican. There's no in between. As much as we'd like to think there are "other" parties out there, there aren't. It's a two party system. Period.

Trump doesn't know SHIT about how to govern a nation. He can't even run his own fucking businesses. Hillary, at the VERY LEAST has first hand knowledge on how to do it.

Every 4 years every single one of us is put into the position of choosing who best fits our ideology. And every four years roughly 50% of us says to ourselves "Damn it! Four years of this person's shit".

This is so different. This is not just four years of "gosh darn it, I don't like what he/she said". This is four years of tyranny. Has no one seen the similarities between Trump and Hitler? Because they're there. Go Google that shit.

I'm a middle to upper class citizen. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and can afford a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house ON THE PENINSULA. If Trump is actually elected, I'll probably not be affected too much. I'm done having babies, so he'll stay out of my uterus. I miss all the tax brackets he's targeting. I don't have any disabilities (knock on wood) that might make it hard or impossible for me to work. I'll survive this. I'll survive it with anti-Trump memes and angry Facebook updates.

But myfuckinggod, I know so many who may not. I know way too many who will have to pay for the policies he would like to inflect upon our nation.

I get it. Hillary, in your opinion, can't make a good president. She should be sent to prison (what politician should be?). I have my doubts, too. I was (am) a stern Sanders supporter. He was my dream come true. But fine, he didn't get the nomination, so I'm moving on. And I get it. Trump talks to (at) us like we're the neighborly neighbor. He says things in ways many of us have said things to our friends. He says things the way we might say things sitting around the local bar, chatting each other up. But if you actually listen, he's not saying what YOU would say. It's a cliche, but "think of the children" is an important phrase here. Think. Of. The. Children. What kind of country are you leaving your/our/my children to? A nation of love and acceptance or a nation of hate and denial of rights? Your rights could be next.
#Imwithher. And I'm not with her solely based on her philosophy. I'm with her because she is what is going to KEEP this country great.

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