Monday, December 12, 2016

This isn't just a change in presidency

This isn't just a change in presidency. That happens every 4-8 years. We're used to that. Someone from "the other side" is elected and we say "gosh darn it, my choice didn't win". And we move on. Sure, we grumble. We post memes (well, maybe we didn't I've only been of FB for 8-9 years). We say "when my choice was in office we did/didn't have XYZ".

But now. This is so different. This goes way beyond "gosh darn it". This is a change that will affect millions of Americans. This is a change that will ruin lives. Except for the super rich. They're fine.

I'm going to be totally honest with you: this probably won't affect me that much. We're financially comfortable. If we both lost our jobs tomorrow we'd survive for months. If one of us died we'd be fine with our life insurance. We're white. We're upper middle class. We're beyond child rearing age (well, not really, but it's just not happening). We have family around us that can support us if we really really need it.

So I'm not so scared for *me*. I'm scared for all my friends. I'm scared for my single parenting friends. I'm scared for my disabled friends. I'm scared for my friends who might sorta kinda look like they might sorta kinda be the type who might sorta kinda have a bomb to kill us all. Whatever that looks like. Yeah yeah, let's just wait and see. I'm *sure* it won't be that bad.

What I'm dealing with the most right now, though, is the depression. Losing Obama is like a loved one dying. We'll never see him again. He's going to be gone forever. I can wrap my head around that over time, but what is replacing him I just can't.

Obama has class. Obama speaks to the people. He is one of us. Trump? He has no idea how to speak to those who aren't as privileged as him. He is the salt in the wound of losing Obama. Not only are we losing a beloved member of our family, we're gaining someone who will ruin us. It's almost too much to handle.

The loss of Obama, the loss of Clinton, the gain of Trump. I can handle one of those at a time. But all of them? I just can't.

I struggle to bring myself out of this depression. Then Trump appoints someone to a position who has spoken out against the position they're supposed to be supporting. Another slap.

This isn't just a change in presidency. This is a change to everything we are. We are more divided ever than before. And right now we need to stand strong together. I hope we all see that before it's too late.

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