Friday, October 19, 2012

This Too Shall Pass

This is some serious pain.  When you hurt a leg or an arm it really hurts, but there’s a difference to pain inside your body.  That’s where all the important stuff is.  If you hurt your arm or leg bad enough it can be cut off and you can still go on to live a productive life.  Something goes that wrong inside you and there’s nothing you can do.  Am I saying there’s something that wrong with me? No. But it’s a lot scarier than limb pain.

I know this too shall pass.  I know it gets better. I know my friends in my support groups all say with in a few days they were ready to get right back to doing what they did before.  But the other part of my brain can’t wrap it’s head around that.  It can’t get past the pain.  It can’t see that tomorrow, the next day or even later today I’ll feel better.  It’s stuck here and I don’t like it.

I’m posting this because the logical part of my brain knows I’ll look back and read this later and laugh at myself for being so dramatic.  But I also don’t want to forget what this feels like so when someone else goes through this I can honestly say I know exactly how they’re feeling.


  1. I thought this same thing after my lapband surgery. I thought of my self as a sick sadistic person for doing to this to myself voluntarily. It does get better. Hugs sweetie

  2. It's going to pass. I had a bit of pain the first few weeks and would have thought I was dying if I didn't compare it to my c sections. In a month you are going to forget how this even felt.

    Good luck!!

  3. The best part about pain is that it goes away! And then you forget just how bad it really was. Hugs and help hangin in there until the pain's passing!

  4. after 2 sections and the pain, I can understand your frustration and maybe a little fear - give yourself a few more days, and take all of the help offered to you. Call me anytime you need anything (starting Monday, this weekend I'm out of town) - seriously - no matter how big or small. 650-642-1253 - hugs Strong Woman! -M

    1. I can't imagine what you are going through but all I can do is offer my support, a ear to listen to and and shoulder to lean on. Take care of yourself.